Anonymous asked: I've never seen BC live but I've only heard positive stuff about them, probably because at concerts it doesn't matter how good you sing, it's more important that you can entertain the crowd and Mr Schmitt surely can do that

I do agree a bit with you. I’m sure they would be really fun to see live, mostly because I really like their new sound, but still, if I’m going to a concert, i want it to sound good as well.

Otherwise I probably would be really disappointed.

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Like 50% of me wanna see Breathe Carolina live, but the other 50% of me don’t want to.

In the live videos i’ve watched, they suck megaballz and sounds like Dave uses a shitload of playback as well, because in the parts he really sing, it sounds terrible.

But i really like their new album so idk… :(:(:(((

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Anonymous asked: Glad påååååsk!! Fått ett påskägg ännu?

taaack (: jag fick mitt igår faktiskt haha, så ja! Fick ett biokort med (: själv?

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